Entrepreneurial ventures and startups are never that easy. It starts with ideas, modelling and moulding your ideas into a concept, the planning for monetary budget, funding, and then renting out an office space. This all surely takes a toll on a budding women entrepreneur.

Hence Pizza Hut, the restaurant that pioneers into Italian-American cuisine and is been a favourite in our growing years, in collaboration with Chatur ideas, has come up with a solution related to your work space issues.

So hey all you budding women enterpreneurs, look no further !!! Pizza Hut, Bangalore offers all you enterprising men and specially women their space for you to work. They are giving work station with free wi-fi facilities and to add to it, the cheese on the cake is ( yes, when it’s pizza, icing better be the cheese), they have the special menu curated at just Rs.199 . This menu includes a beverage, a pizza and a starter.

Regarding the same launch of this idea by Pizza Hut, we had a meet up in the hotel Fortune where in we got to meet a lot of other women Entrepreneurs with some creative ideas and concepts. There were informal and interesting discussions on ventures and business funding, and many a remarkable women from similar backgrounds were there to enlighten us more on our new enterprises over some tea.
Chatur ideas again helps in mentoring, funding, financing , so from starting to end they provides all solutions to start ups.
Brilliant Idea + Mentoring + Funding = Successful Venture #BeAChatur.

This was followed by lunch.

What else would one want, you gotta free work station to meet your clients or fix your things, and so much extra. So all roads to your dreams and dream projects must lead to a Pizza Hut in Bangalore.

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I’m also thinking on a new start up so see you all guys there at The Pizza Hut for that is my first and only choice to co-work in a space which is comfy, cozy and inspiring. So let us work together and build together, co work and exchange your ideas amongst people of your own kind. Finally world is an extended family and we stand in a circle.

pizza-hut3 pizza-hut2


=Yours truly=
Anuja, the budding women entrepreneur
( I’m going to soon announce my start up, wish me luck people)