This summers have been very juicy and deliciously invigorating our senses with the various new menu launches and festivals going on in the city of Bengaluru. Recently I was invited by team Taj Vivanta to be a traveler in their culinary journey of the Dimsums. And this turned out to be an experience, not only did I go but we chose to have a dimsum delight inside the kitchen too and be a part of rolling out the dough to making the fillings and stuffing these yummilicious dimsums before they were finally served on our table.



Chef Selvaraju took us through this journey and we got to learn some trade secrets n recipes which we might let out once he gives us a green signal, till then i will try few of them in my kitchen.





When it’s the Memories of China, Taj Vivanta then the food is brilliant and the Times Food Award and the Vir Sanghavi Food Awards for the best Chinese food stand testament to it. And we had this amazing table in the very Chinese ambience of this lovely restaurant, the interiors of which have been done in a way they spell Moody n mysterious Chinese folktales I read in my childhood. Although I loved the fusion of indian god done in oriental fashion in the restaurant.



We began our food tasting or culinary journey with some hot piping soups, I had the spicy lemon coriander soup for summers are intense this year in bangalore. Then we were served the light on palette steamed chicken dimsum, and steamed chicken and prawn suimai, and the interesting part was that these we had cooked ourselves so what better than knowing exactly the ingredients of what you eat. Also to let the vegetarians know when we were touring the spic n span clean kitchen of Taj we realized that vegetarian section of chopping, cooking and even the chop boards n utensils are separate.

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In the vegetarian section we gotto taste the exotic Shangai spring onion cake and coriander and spring onions ChungFang. The vegetable spring rolls and pan fried chicken gouti and crispy prawns roll CHUNG FUNG made it totally a delightful sensorial experience. We were finally again served some lovely jasmine rice and chicken recipes to go with the food along with noodles although we were so full and they are not in this menu but chef made sure that bloggers have an amazing experience. It could not have been a better soothing and satiating summer culinary soiree and the lazy afternoon coupled with laughter and fun, unsuccessful trials of making the dimsum with the kids giggling made it an afternoon to cherish. The dimsum food festival is going on till the end of this month and it might get extended so have a day out with your preferred company and till then EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY FOR TOMORROW WE MAY DIET.



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Written and experienced by – Anuja Pandey
Photographed by – Vedansh Pandey