The international yoga day with Shangrila
The international yoga day with Shangrila
The international yoga day with Shangrila
The international yoga day with Shangrila
The international yoga day with Shangrila
The international yoga day with Shangrila

yogaYoga, is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self.Yoga is about self acceptance and self discovery.

Yoga integrates mind, body and soul. Yoga connects past, to the present for the future. Yoga transcends age, culture and unites the world. And international yoga day says it the best when all the nations celebrate 21 st June as the international yoga day. It is a tribute to Maharishi patanjali who is the guru of yoga.

Yoga is not a religion it’s a way of life.

At Shangrila it was a lovely morning when I met so many people from all the ethnicity who had gathered for celebrating this day. It was a beautiful morning as I woke up to the chirping of birds and as I drew the curtain I could see the drizzle that was making the greens look so fresh. I got ready and left for Shangrila where I was greeted with some lemon water.
The staff was very warm and Dr. Nomita and Dr. Jazzy told us how it is yoga that keeps our body and mind in tune with each other and also awakens the spiritual part of us. Then they took us through all the asanas and my body just loved every stretch it got. Then the kinds of pranayama were described and the journey of breathing took me through the chaos to finally the peace as though I was Alice and travelled the rabbit hole.
Prana or the chi is the vital force that is within u for the proper flow of prana in your body. The pranayam goes as following
  1. Vibhagpranayam- abdominal breathing
  2. thoracic breathing – chest
  3. shoulder breathing when you shrug it up
  4. Yogic – combination of all three
  5. Surya anulom vilom which controls Anger, depression, controls fluctuations of mind.
  6. Chandra left nostril
  7. Kapalbharati
  8. Bhramri
  9. Deep relaxation technique
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Finally in the words of Dr. Jazzy, our body is like the temple and our soul is the God, we must take care of our bodies as this is where our soul resides. The music that played was wonderful, chants evoking my spiritual side and I was connecting to myself like never before.
  Then we had an interactive session and some fun yogic games were played. The whole affair ended with an awesomely set nutritious menu for breakfast which also carried the calorie count for the conscious people.
I had put a step ahead to begin my journey into yoga and it felt the day was going to be really productive and beautiful. Good morning people…

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