When you tick then others talk !!!


Titan Raga is synonymous to elegance and the designer Masaba GUPTA is quirky, kitsch pop, her design theory is pushing boundaries. Hence this collaboration is the one that leads to the styles that are traditional yet edgy. These beautiful watches’ designs are around animal motifs and are for the women of today-the women who are ready to experiment and be beautiful yet fierce, culturally rooted yet modern and fun, old yet New…defying the definitions and boundaries of conventional for the bold yet subtle.

This Titan Raga collection by Masaba Gupta is a limited edition and in Masaba’s words, “I have reimagined time, who says time cannot stand still…There’s something ceremonial about watches and I want this line to be something that can also be shared with others. I think it could be a perfect gift for your best friend on her wedding, or a token of gratitude to your mother,” she says.

Titan-Raga-collaborates-with-Masaba-Gupta-ticktalk2 Titan-Raga-collaborates-with-Masaba-Gupta-ticktalk3

I’m delighted to be a part of this brilliant campaign of #ticktalk when Masaba Gupta has given a new dimension to Titan Raga and its elegance by marrying it with elements of tribal and pop art culture that resonate with Masaba. The time is really ticking and we women of today’s India are in love with experimenting, hence this limited edition which has 11 pieces of watches is an ode to the free spirited Indian woman. The rose gold and other straps with elephants and fishes and stars embracing your wrist, give a contemporary twist to Titan Raga yet retaining its philosophy of class.

These watches and their design philosophy is essentially feminine and romantic. The watch I am wearing is the “swaying fishes” and it’s a beautiful piece with a mesh bracelet with the dangling intricately carved fish charms in a row. This watch is a symbol of individuality and is for the woman who believes that feminity is her power.

Titan-Raga-collaborates-with-Masaba-Gupta-ticktalk4 Titan-Raga-collaborates-with-Masaba-Gupta-ticktalk6Titan-Raga-collaborates-with-Masaba-Gupta-ticktalk5

The Titan Raga Masaba collection is a fashionably evolved one and I’m lucky to do be collaborating with good times. Last year was my collaboration with Titan “wedding tales” when I celebrated my best friend and his wedding and this year Titan gives me an opportunity to celebrate my feminity and free spirit and experimental choices. We are almost nearing the end of this year and I wish to thank all my amazing audiences and readers to have been such a magical part of my journey in time, #loftyspectrums did amazing collaborations in our blogging journey.

Wishing all of you the very best of times to come and salute to the Time- the moments that maketh your life: live it ,savour it and celebrate it for one cannot turn back time but one can relive those moments forever.


=Yours Truly=

Anuja Pandey 
“Reimagining and Romancing myself in Time”

In collaboration with Titan RagaXmasaba