Are you too getting scaries on the idea of a Sunday coming and just giving way to the Monday with hardly any activity done. Yes it happens to a lot of us, the Sunday getting over and no chores done to prepare you for the grind of the coming week; or sometimes, it’s the other problem altogether, my Sunday flies off as I’m only trying to meet up the unfinished work of the week bygone and I don’t even realise when it’s evening and my family time is totally killed.

It happens a lot of times and it leaves us more anxious and thus I get the Monday blues when I’m in no mood to wake up n send my kids to school too for the fact that Sunday was too hectic doing homework for them or we got so busy socialising that we never got to spend any time together as a couple in the absence of the others.

Then it also happens to many, that the Sunday mornings are sometimes very long and day starts so late and you already feel exhausted even after having slept for such long hours, due to PDA ( post drinking anxiety) and drowsiness hitting you so hard that u only realise that half of the day is already over as you wake up.

The only comforting fact is this kind of Sunday scaries and anxieties, not being ready for the hectic week ahead and not feeling that you got a fulfilling family time and yet the Sunday got over too soon, blah, blah, is universal- period. So let’s stop worrying and rushing into things and try to deal with this. If we stick to a few basics then probably the Sunday’s could be more relaxing coupled with more productivity too.

Sleep but not too late

I can go on sleeping when it’s a Sunday morning and, like a lot of us, even I’m averse to waking up to alarms (which increase my heart palpitations, let me confess), unless it’s my little girl who would anyways manage to wake me up with her lullabies which she loves to sing to me (I know you are wondering that a lullaby is supposed to make you sleep but what do u do when she keeps on giving you a loving slap or two while she sings out to you). But, believe me, waking up and seeing Pari’s face makes my day. So Sleep but start your day that late, recently I have been sleeping in but just an hour or two late so that I still have time to catch up on the day without letting it slip and get over. Moreover the body clock takes a while to settle with different sleep n wake up timings on different days of the week.

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Allow some leisure time on weekend

Always keep your morning and late afternoons free for the things you would want to do, without having to look at the clock or mobile or check your mails. You deserve this time for a lazy movie in the couch with your family in the afternoons. I like to wake up late and step in my shower on a Sunday, toss some quick omelettes or pancakes and whirl up the smoothies for us and then step out for a nice family brunch with hardly any makeup on. Yes, ladies , let your hair loose and don’t think so much. Sometimes I like to cycle or go to a park and walk, a place where I don’t see anybody I know and feel one with myself. Some boating afternoons and bird watching with the kids and family make it a superb weekend, and if you have a romantic tea and some cake while boating (of course you will have to be super cautious about keeping your environment clean), which I usually carry in the basket, then you have achieved it, added to your well being, feel good factor, and yes, without a mention it goes, earned brownie points in the kid and hubby’s diary without a doubt. I completely love the sound of water and the birds when we go out boating and bird watching, it is so calming to the nerves and soothing to your senses, ahh!

Some time to organize too

I don’t know how you feel but my Sunday anxieties are also about not being prepared for the coming week and then overworking and getting drained on weekdays. So, although unwinding and taking time out to relax and breathe is a must yet it is of utmost importance to also prepare for the coming week.

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My worries are the morning tiffins for all of us, what all will I pack, getting ready with groceries and keeping my refrigerator loaded with lots of things to snack on, being ready with my wardrobe so that there’s no room for confusion as to what are my social outings and my clothes for work and otherwise.
I prepare a menu for the mornings and school lunch box and accordingly stock up my fridge etc 🌭🌮🍥🍲🍯. It’s always great to organize your kitchen and get in control of stuff and even the wardrobes; if you are a working professional then the best day to get a relaxed pedicure or a spa is the weekend (unless you are a beauty blogger who gets invited to various treatmentsand this is a part of your work profile😀💄👛👠👄💅💃).
Unwind before you sleep

My idea to finish my day is to pick up a good book or hit the bath tub with some aromatic salts and scented candles with something to sip on (what ever suits your tastebuds) and soak in. This enlivens my senses and makes me so ready for a hectic Monday morning which is quite manageable, with no anger pangs or blues or feeling of over tiredness, if I have had a Sunday with organized and planned activity and planned inactivity too. Although I never like routines as I find it too monotonous to stick to a routine which is never changing yet I realise, that trying to stick to a certain schedule which you can keep varying weekly is not such a bad idea. So keep the blues at bay and have an awesome week ahead as you can supercharge yourself with few changes in your lifestyle which might initially take an effort but would slowly take you away from the anxieties and scaries which we all go through. Enjoy your morning cuppa, look at real people and things around you, breathe in the fresh air and leave your gadgets alone for initial hours of the beautiful morning. It is a new day in your life, celebrate it and cherish it and don’t take it for granted for it is surely a blessing.

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Have a super charged weekend folks and be lofty all this week and enjoy the colourful spectrums ✨✨ 


Photo credits- wildlife photography by vedansh