Bigg Boss is very exciting and a refreshing platform and this season it even made fashion space so much more interesting by collaborating with Appy Fizz. I’m sure you must be wondering how is the drink associated with Fashion. So Appy fizz with stylecracker created concepts for contestants to showcase their flamboyant personalities like never before for the Christmas party. And to our surprise, we could feel how the commoners and celebs looked better styled than any Bollywood A listers. Hence styling for the cracker kind of personalities, the participants of the Bigg Boss season 10 was done by stylecracker in coherence with the philosophy of the sponsors of the show, Appy Fizz.

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Appy Fizz has come up in a totally reformed and fresh avatar, in its bold avatar. The concept of fashion sported by the contestants for the Christmas party weaved around the philosophy and packaging of the Appy Fizz- the Fizzy and bubbly clothes for the participants to match with their personas. And the contestants truly outshone Bollywood stars when it came to looking glamorous as they donned their plumage and celebrated Christmas party.

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And it made sure that as contestants of bigg boss evolved personally and expereientially, they also scissored and hemmed their edges and looks sartorially and presented them in a suave manner. The fashion incorporated here went a long way in awakening the magpie amongst the viewers. So let us see how Fizzy fashion has been defined by the most Fizzy and naughty drink of our country.

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Appy Fizz, is reinforcing the presence of carbonation this year with the bubble style visual identity of their static creatives.

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It doesn’t have the goody happy, safe, playful, attributes of a juice product – but has the more mysterious, dangerous, intrigue, intelligent, strong attitude of the alcohol category. Yet it is a family drink and this quality makes it unique.

Hence contestants were totally jazzed up with the modern and chic look that contributed to making them look so exuberant, festive and cheerful. The look added to their spice, sex appeal and drama and made bigg boss this time one of the most talked about shows, not only as the gossip show but also catering to the sense of style, elegance and playfulness, thereby making it a platform to also showcase the fizzy fashion. I’m sure you all could #feelthefizz

The fashion this season gives hints of retro with disco glam, the faux leather is still ruling the fashion scene and wide legged bottoms for women have made a come back, be it in the form of culottes or palazzos.
The biker chic look for women and men, the polka dots all will rule the fashion scene so choose your pick


In Collaboration with- Appy Fizz and Bigg Boss Season 10

Styled by – stylecracker

Written byAnuja Pandey

*Sponsored Post in association with BigBoss