The year 2021 brings with it a fresh breeze of optimism coupled with some pathbreaking trends that will rule the roost. These avant-garde trends speak loudly about a paradigm shift in lifestyle, bringing forth a new perspective towards luxury while breaking the monotony of uniformity.

Athflow fashion

Speaking of fashion, athflow is the new athleisure, where the latter meets elegance and fluidity. So whether you do yoga or want to exude some cool vibes while lounging about or watching Emily in Paris, athflow is the easy-breezy choice. It’s for the multitasking modern woman, and could include empowering office wear or something chic enough to promenade around fashionable lanes.

Think of flowy jumpsuits, wide-legged pants, oversized boyfriend tees or sweatshirts. It could be linen shirts or silk trousers. Athflow replaces formal looks with a more casual and cuddled look. This is not athletic wear but ‘go-to’ loungewear. It’s the idea of feeling confident and fabulous in smart clothing that makes everyday goals achievable.

“At Enamor, our research showed that the modern Indian woman is juggling several roles at a time. She is busy and always on the move. Hence, she needs apparel that is mindful, comfortable and can help her transition seamlessly from workouts to workwear, to casual outings, coffee with friends, a trip to the mall or dinner,” says Sandra Daniels, VP marketing, Enamor.


Skinimalism is the trend to watch for when it comes to skin and makeup. This is like evading the 12-step skin regimen and reducing it to a four-step one. It’s going minimalistic while you dab your makeup, as against the caked look with multiple layers.

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The focus is on how to have a natural, dewy look that suits online conferences and parties. The sustainable natural skin care regime, and the effortlessly clean look that comes with green eating is in fashion. Now, it’s your choice if you really acquire it, achieve it or simply create it with a filter. A bit of sunshine on your face coupled with a lovely smile, yes, is the new glam diva.

Nomading, not globetrotting

Nomading is the predicted trend for 2021 instead of globetrotting. Nature is therapeutic and this year will see people turn to it for holistic wellness. People will go nature camping, fishing and trekking. Buckle up and switch on some country music, because it’s time to soak in our own local culture.

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