Anuja pandey

Nudes and ‘all-over nude monochrome’ makeup is trending as we head into winter. These “warm” beauty looks are an easy, go-to look that’s both minimal and chic. The idea is to keep makeup subtle with its minimal use…all this while the eyes and lips steal the show. Pair your foundation with a primer for smooth application and use a lip pencil in bright hues to define your lips. The nude glitter eyes, brown smokey eyes or an eyeliner completes your look.

Lipsticks in vogue

Get a neutral beige or pink lip colour. A red, pink, orange or brown, along with matching lip pencils, define your lips and make them look fuller. With the ’90s makeup back in vogue, lip gloss has made a comeback. Wear it just by itself for a modern vibe. You could also layer it on top of a lipstick when you want your lip colour to last for long hours during festivities. Navreet Josan, national artist at MAC Cosmetics India, says, “The orange-brown colour is a bold spice look that will trend in winter. A richer, grounded cousin of orange, it brings the much-needed heat in cooler times.” She adds, “If you are a lipstick lover, to make your lips look great, do a smooth application of the colour and make your lipstick more long lasting.”

Bold eyes

The makeup trends of the ’70s are back, with many opting for glam disco looks. Try this if you want to look like the life of the party. “Pair glitzy lids with lustrous lips and lots of blush. Experiment with purples, golds and blues – if you use them delicately, they’re fun to work with,” says Josan.

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Festive look

Think about putting the basics together first and then add a few personal favourite colours and products. Josan suggests, “A good foundation, concealer and powder are key to flawless-looking skin. For eyes, add a kajal, liner, mascara and a neutral eyeshadow palette… If you want to experiment with colours, pick blues, purples and pinks to go with your outfits. For the cheeks, use products that help contour and add warmth to your face. A few blush colours – pink, beige and orange are must-haves.”

5 quick beauty hacks to ace the festive look

  • Use your contouring colour on your cheeks as well as eyes as an eyeshadow. Finish with oodles of mascara and a lipstick of your choice for a quick look.
  • Apply a glitter eyeliner on top of your usual eyeliner to transition from your everyday look to a festive look.
  • Tight-line your eyes with an eyeliner to make your lashes appear fuller without looking too made up. This will make the roots of your lashes appear thicker and fuller.
  • When in a rush, give your eye makeup a miss and go for a bold lip colour instead. It’s amazing how this simple hack makes you look put together in a few minutes!
  • Wet your brush with a setting spray to intensify your eyeshadow. You can also use a highlighter. This will help achieve great colour payoff and longevity.
  • So, this Deepavali, glow, shimmer, radiate and smile. Be the sparkle of the ‘phuljhari’!