Ayurveda is a revered holistic routine and helps create inner harmony, synergy and balance. This inner peace never fails to reflect on our skin and hair. This is the season of festivities and weddings. As we step into winter and brides are turning bridezillas, one needs to have a customised skin and hair care routine. We need to bolster our wellness regime between these endless to-do lists for wedding planning. The stress needs to be balanced with time-honoured rituals that nourish our mind, body and soul. It is here that Ayurveda comes into play. If we view our beauty regime through the Ayurvedic lens, it’s impossible not to realise that beauty is not just about the products we use, but an overall way of life.

This wedding season, put a smile on your mother-in-law’s face or gift yourself an aromatic bath ritual kit. Festivals are meant to spread joy, happiness and smiles. Ayurvedic beauty and wellness brands that provide customised hair and skin care and wellness regimes are curated to suit each individual’s body characteristics, as identified by their doshas. Every person is born with a unique set of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that make up their Prakuriti. If true Ayurvedic solutions are customised to address each individual’s uniqueness, then what could be a better gift this season than the gift of clean and green beauty products? As ‘Nayab’ Vedix celebrates festivals of India with mithai, crackers and Soundarya, Jatin Gujrati, business head, Vedix, says, “This festive season will be a special one as all of us step into the post-pandemic world. We wish to share and bring cheer to our one million customers by doing something special for them. We have brought our 5,000-year-old dharohar which works as a gift from a father-in-law to his son-in-law, daughter-in-law or something that can be gifted to a mother, sisters, brothers or even yourself as an act of love.

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The concept of customisation is still new and unique in the Indian wellness landscape. The breaking of the notion that one size fits all or one product could suit everyone is required. To break free from the vicious cycle of trials and failures and its negative repercussions on the skin and hair, is essential. The Ayurvedic market needs to innovate themselves to reinstate the belief of consumers in sustainable beauty.
Gifting is an art and it could be a mood lifter. Gifting around the wedding season and birthdays, marks an act of love and bonding. The choice of gift reinforces the relationships. So, gift with love this season and what better than customised beauty and grooming boxes.