The wedding season is here and so you must keep in mind the essential requirements for a bride if you are one. Let us see what the ultimate must-haves this wedding season are. The season saddles along with it a whole set of preparations, venues, invitations, outfits, food, music and what not.

It doesn’t usually take a lot for a girl to go from a bride to a bridezilla. With so many things to worry about, one is bound to crumble under pressure. Fear not! Here is a list of must-haves in your trousseau.

A bride and thereafter the bridesmaids have many functions and parties to prepare for throughout the wedding festivities  – the outfit, makeup, hair and much more. And if a single thing goes wrong, it can turn into a nightmare. So the first must-have is a hairstyling tool in your wedding trousseau. Something that takes care of all your hairstyling woes, with advanced technology.
Facial skin  products, especially basic CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising), are essential to take care of your skin. The sheet masks are the go-to option for their efficacy… with no tantrums when it comes to application. These skincare products could also be a part of the wedding essentials for your bridesmaids. Chaitanya Nallan, co-founder & CEO at SkinKraft Laboratories, says, “With beauty and personal care gift boxes, you are not only giving something special, you are also giving your loved ones an opportunity to try a wide variety of products they have to offer.”

  • Body grooming is essential for any bride-to-be and her vanity kit must include body butter, exfoliating  body scrubs, moisturising body lotion, and soaps as per her skin type. Furthermore, the latest addition to these are ‘Armpit Mask’ that takes care of lingering body odour and reduces stubborn deodorant stains, allowing the skin to finally breathe. Given the shift in consumer focus towards transparent beauty, and belief in the efficacy of clean and transparent beauty, new-age brides are choosing honest body-grooming products. Dr Liza Merin Jacob, director & co-founder of Green And Beige, says, “Green And Beige was founded after extensive research and experimenting, to create products that are harmless to humans and the planet. Our formulations aid consumers in tackling their hair, skin and body care needs while cementing their trust in clean and honest beauty.”
  • Finally, and most importantly, glam makeup is the most integral part of a bride’s vanity bag and it should be such that it celebrates brides in their original spirit and emotions that emanate their individuality. Steering clear of trends, a bride’s makeup must take pride in legacies of sacred reds, plush peaches and scintillating golds. “My bridal edit is an amalgamation of the moods and emotions of the brides. Over the years of creating their dream outfits and interacting with them, I inadvertently got drawn into those intriguing memories and decided to capture it all – from their enthusiasm and joy, there are a myriad of emotions and sentiments that are so heart-warming yet unsettling before she turns the page onto her new chapter,” says Manish Malhotra, about the Nooraniyat Collection, MyGlamm.
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