Are you re-imagining a new world and romancing with time? Watches are not only for timekeeping, they are a remembrance of moments shared, memories created, and words in salutation of the sentiment involved in a situation.

Watches are a remembrance not just of time, but of moments, people, messages and slogans. Present-day watches speak elegance coupled with a quirky and kitsch pop. The design theory of watches today pushes boundaries with styles that are traditional yet edgy. Today’s watch design has a philosophy behind it, because art is not art if it doesn’t have a message. The youth of today defy age-old boundaries of geography and culture, believing in a global culture.

Pic :Abhishek Verma

Hence, designs around nature or other strong messages of peace and harmony are making an appearance in the market. Finally what you wear is what you are. Times are changing and it reflects in the innovative watchmaking of today, conveying a cry to inspire making time for what matters – peace, love and harmony.

Timex has launched a limited edition collection of three watches that portray the timeless message of unity as they celebrate Coca-Cola’s time-honoured 1971 ‘Hilltop’ commercial. A commercial that reflects solidarity and was a rallying cry for tolerance half a century ago.

“In the same way you offer to buy someone a Coke, the act of asking for the time is a meaningful gesture – a way of bridging differences, striking up good conversations, and finding community,” says Shari Fabiani, senior vice president of brand marketing and creative services for the Timex Group. “We are dedicated to bringing quality timekeeping to all and have always believed in making time for the community. We’re thrilled to team up with Coca-Cola in their original message of solidarity and continuing to inspire the world to sing together in perfect harmony.”

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The evolution in design theory and craftsmanship of watches represent the experimental, fierce, culturally-rooted-yet-modern, fun and spirited fashion culture that is moving forward with an ethos. The timepieces in today’s progressive and inclusive world are a cheerful reminder to embrace opportunities for connection and move through the world with compassion. Fashion tells us the story of a society. It gives us a peek into culture, building and evoking an enduring spirit. True fashion is always a movement, and watches and clocks today display that along with time.

Though one can’t travel through time with a time machine, watches are a similar experience with slogans, messages and motifs from across the world, almost metaphorically making one dive into the past. All while living a wholesome present and looking forward to a hopeful future that accepts diversity, and appreciates and encourages truth, love and hope for global togetherness and happiness. Fashion, art, literature and food are these bridges that hold hope for a global culture and vision coupled with good times.