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Outfit – Guess

Guess– bring on the breeze or the wind

In the novel, “gone with the wind“, there’s a scene when the heroine Scarlett O’ Hara is really poor and is in her estate ‘Tara’; and the American Civil War is going on.

And then she has to meet the love of her life, but as she has nothing great to wear she pulls down the thick green silky velvety curtains and makes a gown out of it for herself and when she gets down the carriage, she looks as stunning as ever.

This scene is one of my favourites in the novel and I always feel that if you have that sort of passion in you then you will do well in any situation.

Since then I have loved green colour and I as I stepped into the guess store this dress caught my fancy.

The dress is a concealed button down one and is really chic. The airy silhouettes make it easy and you go with the flow. The material of it is silk threads woven into metallic green thus giving it a sheen and metallic flavour. It is hands down a diva feel as you don this outfit and it’s again so comfy (comfort and looking good go hand in hand). As you all know minimalism is the key so less is more. I have just hardly used any accessories except for an ear piece.

I have again worn the same shoes, the straps going up to the ankles as we all are regular people and the idea is to mix n match and not have a wardrobe which is over flooded with stuff. If you have the right things you can happily steer your way to look like how you wish to look like.

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So this is my second post on guess and I will be coming with more forthright fashion and styling soon.

=Your Truly=
Anuja Pandey

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