For Those who are physically nomore  but envelope our senses, soul and every breath, who define us, who are omnipresent metaphysically, for they exult, live and exist through our ideas , thoughts and ideals, they live through us eternally to infinity beyond space and time -Naman – A salute to the departed.


Namaskar!! 🙏.   Today is an auspicious day in the Hindu culture , the Mahalaya Amavasya, the final day of Pitr paksha ( which last for 15 days) and today the Pitr visarjan is performed all over India and abroad by the followers of Hinduism in honour of their ancestors who are no more. It is believed in Hindu tradition that there is life after death and the great Karna, who was the son of Surya and Kunti, when he died and reached the Yamaloka was offered a lot of gold and silver but never any food. Then he was told that since he was a daanveer ( one who does give donations) yet while donating to poor he only gave gold and ornaments and not food and hence he wasn’t given food in the otherloka ( the other world). Then, on his request, he was sent by Lord Yama to earth for these 14 days when he served a lot of food to the people also on the behalf of other departed souls. Hence these 14 days are observed as the days when it is believed that your ancestors visit you on earth and you are supposed to make offerings in the form of food to feed the departed soul. The ancestors bless you and their Ashirwad (blessings) makes people flourish and prosper. 


Also since this is the harvest time in India so it is a way to offer the food grains in the form of pind to poor and the animals before we begin the celebration of Navaratri and Durgapuja. It is also believed that goddess Durga had killed all the demons today so it is an auspicious day and marks the end of somber period when you are supposed to pay homage to your beloved and respected ancestors as a mark of respect and recognition of what all they have given to us and passed on to us in the form of culture and legacy. So Mahalaya marks the end of this period thereby signifying the start of the celebrations and worship of Maa Durga. 


Dear friends,It’s not been a fortnight when I lost my mother and having gone through the trauma, feelings of fear of losing my mother, periods of faith and hope coupled with hopelessness and darkness gripping at the same time when she was in the ICU, and finally seeing my fears come true ; then losing the faith in any superior powers to scepticism, to the end of this all by the Amavasya today ; Pitr Visarjan never meant as much to me as it does today. And hence I write on this tradition of thanking and offering salutations and prayers to those who did even pass on not only culture and value system and so much more but also their thought process, their ideas and ideals, their blessings. Today I pray to all of them and thank them for all I believe in , all my strength and specially my mother, my source of strength and inspiration for the spirit of life which should never be defeated. 



“Mother, as tomorrow the celebration of Durga Pooja starts and we celebrate the All powerful – Shakti, you are and will always remain the Shakti for me, my Goddess who I love and pray, today and always, the fountain of passion for life and undying  profuse love and affection, the queen of my heart- the Goddess –  The Mother, My beautiful mother.”

Ya Devi sarvabhuteshu Shakti roopen sansthita 
Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah