If music be the food of love, play on!!

I just love to dig into traditions to understand and know how it began or how it came into being, probably owing to my mother who was a literature student with culture being her specialisation. She would always tell us a lot of stories that revolve around a particular culture or tradition. The first dance is one of those traditions which is a norm, in western society. The first dance is the dance done by bride and groom and it signifies the beautiful beginnings, the life that the newlyweds are about to embark upon. It is an omen of good luck, fertility and good tidings. In olden days, the groom would show off his wife and share his happiness with his friends so he would start the first dance with his wife.


In some traditions the first dance is when the bride and her father dance together. All in all, the culture and traditions change and it depends on what someone feels like adopting or picking up from any culture, finally, adopting a culture is always a good thing. It’s like an addition to your own bank of traditions. These days with the communication and travel, the geographical boundaries have blurred, and with it,has blurred the differences in traditions and ceremonies. We are adopting and bringing about a global culture which makes the youngsters these days plan their own weddings, make their own fusion of traditional value system, ceremonies, and hence the whole wedding ideas are in plenty and totally evolved.

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I love this concept of first dance since It is a beautiful moment, which translates into romance, and freezes in time,a promise between the wedding couple of being in love with each other, cherishing each other, celebrating love and beauty, continuation of lineage and blossoming fertility.



Similarly in our Indian culture we celebrate this on the day of sangeet. The wedding I designed and conceptualised was of my brother Ashish and the couple had a beautiful camaraderie in dance and moves. The courting couple seemed to be thorough with the wonderful first dance and why not, how many times do you do a waltz or a ball dance or dance to the ‘thumkas‘ of your better half. It’s always a great idea to be prepared and yet let some spontaneity flow in and enjoy the first dance. Finally love makes the world go round and you don’t really need any manoeuvered moves if you know how it feels to be in love, you just wanna dance like nobody’s watching. Here’s to the most awesomely gorgeous and tuned to each other couple, Cheers and go on swirling to the music of love.


=Outfit Details=

Destination wedding- Lucknow

Bride is wearing Angrakha Anarkali long gown from- Frontier Raas

Groom’s outfit – designed by Ashish, the groom

Stylist – Anuja Pandey and Ashish Dubey

Written by – Anuja Pandey