Jennifer Aniston
, we all have known her since Friends days ( you guessed it right ), and we have literally grown up with her , seen her journey of career highs and love life lows; after all she is the most talked about woman in planet. We have been huge fan of Jen and now she has launched her new fragrance , Near Dusk. Near Dusk – her third perfume- after ‘J’ and ‘Jennifer Aniston’ – is a perfect perfume for summers with its soft coconut and vanilla vibe which reminds us of long days at beach.


Inspired by the beach at sunset, Jennifer Aniston’s Near Dusk perfume captures that perfect moment between day and evening, as time slows, the mood shifts and sensual new possibilities are revealed.

Creating it was easier with the help of her friends. How does she describe it ,’ Like the last stage of your wardrobe. ‘if I go out without wearing it on, I am like ” oh no- I have to go back. It’s like forgetting to wear your pants”. Near dusk moment for her as she said would be ‘ My perfect night ?sunset- a nice glass of wine and dinner with her husband. She married last year the gorgeous  Justin Theroux. Near dusk.


FYI – near dusk is available on


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