There is a new vodka and like all vodkas are, it has been made by the Russians. Leon Verres, who has previously released the most expensive champagne in 2009 which was called billionaire champagne, is the designer for this too. Verres is surely creating ripples as his million dollar drinks are the talk of all the clubs worldwide.
The concoctions are super rich, after being distilled and filtered numerous times, with the finest wheat, and the purest water (such a commodity), the solution is poured over millions of dollars of diamonds. I hope the diamonds carry the flavour though.
The price is 3.7 million dollars and the bottles are luxuriously adorned with 3000 diamonds and white faux fur, since Leon Verres is an animal right activist.
These tantalizing bottles with a sprinkle of gold, diamonds and swarovski crystals ooze luxury, exclusive to the elites. This extremely tempting vodka is being made a little more affordable for the lesser mortals like us too, in a violet tinted glass bottle with a gold label by Verres, though the price is not yet decided. This is not even on my wishlist yet as long as I get to go to my regular club with my gang of friends. Anyways our taste buds tingle with ‘char bottle vodka’ and yo yo music and the four flavours of Ciroc boys.

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