Farzi has many connotations and I yet remember how my Mom was amazed to hear this name few years back, as this means ‘illusion’. “Why the name FARZI”, was the question that made us curious to try out the food there. I remember how both of us went to enjoy a meal there. It was a delightful experience to see how amazingly Indian flavours from various parts of india were infused into the global cuisine. These recipes were presented in a suave fashion with amalgamation of global cuisine into Indian desi classics, in a very contemporary way in totally a rocking, chic ambiance with some high energy music. That’s when mom told me,”you know why this is Farzi, because they create illusions…”. This is the gastronomical delight that Farzi Café brings in with some dose of everything in its recipes, the innovative menus with some inspiring artistic presentation on quirky plates and serving bowls [in the various shapes of rolling pin, pestle and mortar etc bring back to us the memories of an era that is being forgotten in the rut of todays life, the time of our grandmoms when the preparations were thorough and servicing style was so rustic and traditional].

Yes, Farzi is an illusion wherein we think its so global, and hip and chic while it, at the same time amalgamates and fuses cultures within food and music and a lot more in preparation, spices, innovation and the beautiful presentation. That is Farzi Café Unplugged for all of you.

Last week it has launched its new menu which is so unique and droolworthy. It was a happy bunch of few influencers, food writers, bloggers and enterpreneurs for this delightful lunch that went on for hours, and how we all loved eating the delicacies over discussions on the dominant flavours and other good stuff ( a good bunch makes for a good lunch and good times always). Thanks @Sheetal C for inviting us and being a lovely host, you simply rocked and thank you @Rekha Ghosh for being around and looking after us, your presence always brings about a new surge of energy in the environment.

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@Suresh Hinduja, the popular food critic for this new menu and he told me what spices {or read seeds} ‘panchphoran’ is composed of, you can send in your guesses and we will surely disclose it to you…!!

The farzi café new menu is artistic and so original. I am totally ‘farzified’ by the regional recipe of south marrying north in recipes like charcoal appams with paneer bhurji with a imparting it such a unique flavor, the charcoal giving a modern look and feel to the otherwise an Indian recipe at heart.

And then another chartbuster was the khichdi risotto that took my heart away. I realized how my love for risotto and khichdi could be satiated at the same time. I must take this recipe from Mr. Suresh Hinduja soon.

The Italian balls made with daal and chawal were another show stealer.

The new menu at Farzi Café

Soups & Salads

  • Avocado mint Gazpacho, Jeera namak para (Chilled Avocado soup flavored with Jal Jeera, Garnished with Savory Lavash)
  • Curd rice tikki chaat, Dragon scoop, Besan pearls (Curd rice patty layered with Sweet yogurt, Mint & Sweet chutney in a clay pot, garnished with dragon fruit scoop)
  • Mini Raj Kachori, Crispy okra salad, Chutney foam (Mini shells with sweet & sour pumpkin topped with sweet chutney foam, crispy okra salad)

Small Plates

  • Paniyaram scotch eggs, Desi ghee hollandaise (Take on classic scotch eggs with a Indian twist quail eggs stuffed into a Crispy rice batter bowl)
  • Panch phoran paneer bhurji tart, New pickle onion (Scrambled cottage cheese Flavored with Panch phoran Into a tart shell)
  • Desi Curd Poppers, smoked tomato chutney (Mouth Melting curd poppers with Indian spices, Served with Smoked tomato Chutney)
  • Dal Chawal Arancini, achar, Papad, chutney (Italian rice balls made with Dal & Chawal Served with achar, Papad and Chutney)
  • Harrisa spice Paneer tikka, Tadka Cream (Mellow Cottage cheese marinated with mild chilli spice served with Tempered Mayonnaise)
  • Black sesame chicken Tikka, Sesame Ash (Tender cubes of Chicken leg marinated with black sesame paste garnished with sesame Crumb)
  • Tandoori bacon prawns, Tadka mayo (Indian Take on classic Bacon wrap prawn with Tandoori marinade & Smoked in clay oven)
  • Tempura fried prawn, Nimboo mirch air (Tempura fried prawn tossed in homemade sauce & Served with Lemon & Chilli Foam)
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  • Keema Anda Pao, Masala onion (Re Inventing classic Keema Anda pav with a Farzi twist)
  • Paneer Ghee roast appam, Podi dust (Cubes of panner cooked with south Indian spices served in a black carbon appam)
  • Dal Khichdi risotto, Papad crisp, Achari butter (Yellow lentils cooked with Arborio rice served with lentil crisp and Pickle butter)
  • Ratatouille Bhaji, Maska Focaccia (Spicy mashed vegetables serve with buttered Italian bread)
  • Andhra Chilli chicken, Thatte Idli, Micro herbs (Chicken cubes cooked with green chilli paste served on Flat rice sponge)
  • Prawn Balchao Bowl – Prawn crackers, Cabbage fogaath (A popular goad dish served in a bowl with prawn cracker)
  • Mutton Irachi pepper fry, Malabari Paratha (Mutton cubes cooked with southern spices & Served with Malabari Paratha)


  • Flourless chocolate cake, Tanquery Mousse, Orange crumb (Airy Chocolate cake served with seasonal fruits )
  • Fenni Nest, Chenna balls, Flavored Milk (Nest made out of Fenni served with Sweet cottage cheese balls & Saffron flavored milk)
  • Peanut butter mousse taco, Banana Kulfi, Caramelized Banana (Peanut butter mousse stuffed in a sweet taco shell, Served with Banana Kulfi)
  • Rasmalai tres leches, Carrot cream, Rose petal net (Rasmalai made with Three textures of milk garnished with Rose petal sugar net)

This wonderful Farzi food is a delight for a food lover so whoever hasn’t tried it yet in Bangalore is surely missing on something delightful.

Savored by @Anuja Pandey

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