Automobiles have always been a big part of my life, and, I’m sure, they always will be. I believe most of the millennials grow up planning what car will they drive once they start earning their own money and as each stage of our life progresses the better cars replace the older ones … from bikes to cars the beautiful journey marks the progress chart of our professional and personal landmarks. That’s how automobiles hold value and importance in our lives.

As someone said, “a dream without ambition is like a car without petrol or gas…your not going anywhere.” Similarly, I feel automobiles occupy a major space and share of our milestone achievements.

Recently I got this chance to review the not yet launched cool car by @mgmotoindia.

What is it about cars that moves me… what is it that turns my heart on. The sound of a great engine, the uniqueness, and unity of an automobile’s engineering and coachwork, the history of the company and the car, and, of course, the sheer beauty of the thing.

The sound is so subtle in this petrol-fuelled car that you won’t realise when did it start, the buttery smooth ride, the efficient and powerful drive made me feel I’m racing ahead of the curve….VVAVA VROOM

The beauty of a 360 degree panoramic view that makes it so convincingly convenient, the fully loaded engine, the sun roof and the moon roof, 4 modes with interesting graphic changes and most of all, an amazing music system that comes with 9 Bose speakers. You can get more details if you check my live videos in my Instagram channel to make it easier for you to gauge the interiors and sophisticated engineering of this automobile.

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Now doesn’t it give a heavenly feel… I surely got that purring feeling while driving it that is just so worthwhile. I have always loved driving and it’s my stress buster, and as you drive this futuristic model the stress that you have goes immediately out of the window.

This model I drove is MGHS and is soon gonna be available in India so are you ready to take over the future for I surely am ready as #FUTUREISCALLING @mgmotoindia

Cheers and keep vrooooming through the potholes of life with #loftyspectrums and #mgmotorindia and keep writing to us about your experiences with cars… I have a lot to share on this subject once the conversations start…meanwhile loving your mails and messages 💕💕

In collaboration with @MGMOTORINDIA