I started this new year’s first weekend with a party and unlike most of the fashion bloggers, I chose to repeat one of my outfits with a twist in style. Why not repeat… for I love the way it makes me look!! Simple ain’t it, why do we have to succumb to the pressure of sporting new dresses, new look each time; I mean to say that I’m a fashion blogger…it doesn’t imply I’m a model. Although I pose n post my pics on social media, my primary work is to talk and write about a trend or lifestyle if it appeals to me ( I don’t believe in writing for whoever pays well, I started this blog to express my opinions and my take on things and situations that appealed aesthetically or artistically to me), my job is to create content. But we have to use our pictures too, ain’t visual medium just the most appealing way to easily convey the message or promote/advertise a product.

Life of a blogger looks so hunky dory, we are always glammed up and attending various sort of social networking events, we are there for the launches of luxury fashion and lifestyle products and we meet the best of people.. right!

Yes it is, but it could also be very demanding, you gotta look your best most of the time, you have people who follow you not in social media but also in real life and girl you have to learn the art of being polite yet keeping your distance…

and then you have your own circle of women and c’mon when do women spare other women!! Nah! So expect the expected… like one of my followers after checking my story came to the hotel where I was dining with my family and insisted on getting a picture. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not trying to say I’m a star 🌟 but all I mean to tell is that I was a plain Jane n I loved his expressions when he felt so sorry for me while I was trying to transform from my role of a mommy, who was desperately trying to make sure her kids eat well, to a Diva who looks flawless ( I know it sounds familiar, isn’t this all of us women do while they juggle roles as a mom, daughter, wife, at workplace & then to a social outings, yes we put up different faces for different places, phases, and people!! It’s the story of all superheroes… aye I love watching #marvelcomics and #DC 🙂 )

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Well anyway, talking about my look, I’m so thankful to Mamta Roy to have sent me some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry from Odette.in and she made sure she sent me all kinds of looks to celebrate my Diwali. I rang in my new year wearing this cut lace powder lavender outfit with the lovely lace and pearls necklace n earrings by #odette for #loftyspectrums #happynewyearbash exclusively.

Lace jewelry is not an everyday thing and it takes out the feminine you to the forefront.

So talking about repeating a dress but with new jewelry and style, I wore this wonderful choker with self-pride finally for this party, teaming it up with my electric blue Ritu Kumar outfit that was on the ramp this fall season, and yes, I dared to repeat it.

Loved styling my look in a contemporary way, white sneakers that speak love 💖 aloud with this beauty on my neck from Odette and an electrifying dress.

I used eye make up from HUDA and Urban Decay bronzers n pinks with a little shimmer and I dazzled the night.

That’s what a girl needs at the stroke of midnight when new year knocks our lives- love, shimmer and Cinderella Shoes 👟: The time replaces our glass heels with snug fit sneakers when the dainty princess in you don’t wanna leave the sandals anymore behind for any Prince to trace you…I love my comfort zone when I wear my choker & shoes with nobody around to choke-her (me) with any kinda demanding love or whatever else !!! Isn’t that what you call as celebrating each year with a wiser version of yourself and taking the guts of leaving behind the sissy lil girl in you who demands all the attention to herself…but enjoying yourself thoroughly!!

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C’mon Lady you are your own Lover, your fairy God Mom has indeed infested a lot of Magic in you that you are capable of making so many lives Magical n star-studded 🌟🌟🌟🌟

(I would like to imagine myself leaving the trail of stardust as I walk across embracing this year) – family, friends and your instafam (read peeps who are all your family instantly on your Instagram); finally this world is a big happy family…btw a few days back it was a rage to look happy in social media but our new age Instagrammers are trying to change the rules of the game by posting their crying faces on their stories, finally we gotta be different to make news, ah why am I being mean!!! but I gotta take this year with a new me too so adding few vices along with fewer virtues too 😋.

On that note wishing you all a fashionable New Years and do dare to not fit in… being myself …

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