Life is short so buy the ring. Many across the globe have invested in upgrading their wedding rings as the cost of ceremonies came down. Although last year has been challenging due to the lockdown and closure of shops, the jewellery industry, more so fashion jewellery segments, is soaring in terms of creativity and marketing.

We are in the midst of a revolution in terms of equality in gender, LGBTQ rights, race or age segments. Fashion jewellery, or even fine jewellery trends now incorporate gender fluidity. While male jewellery lines have always existed, many brands are coming up with cool, unisex, contemporary jewellery. “The pandemic has taught us to celebrate life. It’s the little moments, be it a birthday or festival, that matter.
So self-indulge with a pair of diamond chandelier earrings. Celebrate with colours like yellow, pink and champagne diamonds, or fancy-shaped diamonds such as trillions, ovals, baguettes, princess and hearts,” says Deepti Kore Aradhya, jewellery designer and gemologist for Diani. “Why not match your outfit to your jewellery for your Zoom meetings or just lounge with your loved ones wearing something that makes you feel alive and loved?” she adds.
The pandemic has also influenced consumer choices towards minimalist and timeless styles. A Zoom meeting focuses on your background and face, so let the ear adornments do the talking. Some international brands have come up with earpod jewellery as well! New-age designers are supporting local artists and so, we have more home grown, locally-manufactured jewellery.
The founders of Runway Ritual, Netra Jain and Varun Jain are strong supporters of #VocalForLocal. Netra says, “By collaborating with local artisans, we achieve quality worthy of the tag ‘Handmade Luxury’. We have a range of earrings, statement jewellery, charms and DIY jewellery, neckwear, embel l i shed scarves, bracelets and even a collection for pre-teens and teens.” So even if you party with sweats below, accessorise the top with some bling or neons on the neck to make up for the Zoom fatigue.

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