Hairstylists and diamonds are a girl’s best friends but how many of you are suffering from dry and unkempt hair during the lockdown? If you thought Korean skin care was tedious then try the Korean hair care while at home. Be it Kpop music or the K-beauty secrets, it’s a trend we all love. Ever imagined how celebrities on red carpet manage to flaunt such great hair? Let’s take a leaf out of their hair care routines to manage damaged hair. Just like skin, even hair needs nourishment and to keep your mane in excellent brilliance, serums are a must. Serums are the power-packed magical potions to keep the hair gorgeous.


What are hair serums

As oil keeps our scalp nourished, similarly serums work on the surface health of the hair. They act against environmental hazards, sun damage, heat treatments etc. They are formulated with active ingredients that help in controlling frizz, dryness etc. When used on damp hair it acts as a layer of protectant. Hair serums add shine, gloss and health to your hair. So, choose your hair serum according to your hair density, texture and type.
“Camellia hair oil serum is formulated with nutrition of Camellia COMPLEX. For centuries, camellia has been used by Korean women to take care of their hair and skin, thanks to its superior moisturizing effect. Camellia flower and leaf extract is great for it moisturises hair and camellia ceramide enhances hair softness. It is quickly absorbed into damaged hair to provide nutrition effectively and seals the open cuticle to prevent frizzy hair.
Also, the luxurious subtle floral scent gives you an elegant and fragrant feeling all day long. It leaves only the nutritious and moisturising feeling that is necessary for the hair, rather than a greasy and sagging feeling, and leaves the hair elastic and smooth. It also protects hair from the damaging effects of the sun, pollutants, other harmful chemicals, and heat styling tools,” says Mini Sood Banerjee, assistant director and head of marketing, Innisfree India.

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Hair type and serums

Dry and frizzy hair: Look for ingredients like marula that provide hydration. Marula oil is rich in protein and is easily absorbed by skin and hair.

Hair breakage: Look for keratin (a type of hair protein) for protection against breakage.

Environmental hazards and chemically treated hair: Use serums with coconut oil and green tea extracts to help the hair recover from the damage.

Curly hair: This is very difficult to manage as you need an extra dose of hydration. Serums with jojoba oil, sweet almond or argan oil help with this type of hair.

“Mystic Valley’s hair serum was formulated extremely carefully, and is a delicate blend of monoi oil, lavender oil, and rice proteins. The product adds an SPF factor and rejuvenates the hair while making it stronger from within,” says Kamakshi Kumar, founder, Mystic Valley.

Don’t disguise your hair, rather achieve healthy hair with adequate hair care. Finally, gorgeous hair is the crown you never take off.

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