This season fashion is feminine and sheer has already taken centre stage.

I’m travelling extensively and trying to take on diary like notes on fashion that I have been observing here in #Newyork that is trending on the streets and parties.

So Gals look add sheer dress or a top to your wardrobe to look like a sexy babe.

This dress i chose to wear is a very beautiful piece with patches of embroidered swans and flowers on the black fine net.

Prada-wears4Prada-wears6 Prada-wears8 Prada-wears2

I love lace and fine net personally and sheer gives a very sensuous feel when worn in style.

The dress has smoking/ gazing at the waist with the pretty puff full sleeves.

I love the lil trinkets around the embroidered patches.

I have worn my boyfriend’s belt ( I had no choice as I forgot to pack mine) to give shape to my look as this dress is a loose one.

I am wearing my hair loose and yellow sunnies which I picked up from H&M.

I have worn #Bobbibrown lip shade bright raspberry.

Prada-wears9 Prada-wears3 Prada-wears10 Prada-wears1

And I’m shopping ready, party ready. So party hard, put on your lipstick and have fun gals. Happy Sunday.

=Yours Truly=
Anuja Pandey,
Outfit: Zara Newyork

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