Are you the type who wakes up every morning, worried and wanting to do so much for your skin? Do you have guilt pangs gnawing away at you every time you look in the mirror?

Fret not, your skincare regime doesn’t have to be an impassable labyrinth, it can be simplified to make it more manageable and consistent. Here’s a step by step guide to making your life easy.

1. Get Organised – To begin with, make a list of skincare problems you actually have, for example you have acne or pigmentation or dark spots or just plain dry skin. Look for products with Vitamin C in it, which is a super ingredient to remove your spots, dullness and any uneven skin tone.

2. Know your skin type- It is very important to understand your skin type to invest in the right product. How do you determine that? Very simple, just notice how your skin feels right after you wake up.
People with acne prone skin, are recommended to use products with Salicylic Acid. For dry skin concerns, Hyaluronic Acid will save the day!

RJ and content creator Jane says, “So into the lockdown, I have switched to using Ayurvedic skin care. Every night, I use a nourishing night cream. Every alternate day, I use a peach clarifying and refining peel off mask which totally refreshes my skin, and minimises pores and a day Cream with a 40+ SPF. I drink eight glasses of water, work out a minimum of five days a week and never ever forget to keep that big smile on. Voila-  Happiness, love and radiant skin.”

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3. Choose Hero Products – Eliminate products that serve only one purpose, instead invest in all-rounders, for example, replace moisturizer with serum. A serum is an all-rounder that can easily cater to your skin’s need for hydration while priming it and leaving it with a soft dewy finish. The product formulation of serum has smaller molecules that work together to penetrate the skin to a degree that facial creams or moisturizers don’t.

4. Budget – It’s important to plan and create financial demarcations so you don’t let your skincare budget eat into other important components of your living and lifestyle.

5. Stay Positive & Hydrate – Whoever said beauty is only skin deep, was referring to staying connected with our intrinsic goodness and richness of character. While it’s important to take care of what we put on our skin, it’s equally important to feed our mind with the right ingredients.

Dr Aparna Santhanam, Skin Expert on ITC Charmis says, “Skincare routine planning is often perceived to be a daunting task, which is why it’s important to have a fair assessment of one’s requirements.

First step towards getting a good skin care routine is to make an effort to understand the ingredients, decide your budget and most importantly choose well researched hero products. I recommend going for products that are all-rounders for e.g. a serum is a multi-purpose product that can easily eliminate the need for a hydrator or moisturizer; it is more efficacious and budget friendly. This apart, skincare is an inside-out job, so make sure to stay hydrated and positive, your inner radiance invariably reflects on your face”.

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