Many travellers are eager to explore the latest in wellness as it is available in many forms today. Post lockdown is the time to ease into vacation mode in safe environs where one can reap the healing benefits for mind, body and soul. A wellness retreat offers a perfect mix of comfort, solace and health benefits in the present scenario.

The wellness professionals at various retreats are committed to promoting holistic wellbeing to their guests that extends beyond a singular massage or treatment, and by specifically targeting internal inflammation, stress relief and overall wellbeing. Who would not wish to better surrender to an island lifestyle to soak up in the tranquility of nature? Yes, it’s the wellness resorts that are the call of the times.*Why wellness resorts

The Lalit Bekal, Kerala

The Lalit Bekal, Kerala

The wellness retreats offer massages for lymphatic drainage, taking care of your skin and mind. Aromatic treatments alleviate the stress and lend a refreshed and calm perspective. The fabulous body wraps, rose petal baths amidst natural scenic beauty while you sip the herbs or flower infused drinks impart truly incredible moments adding to the experience. The therapists and nutritionists personally curate and monitor the diet and routine to get one started towards a journey of health and bliss.

Choose destinations that are a drive away
There are many ayurvedic retreats in and around Bengaluru that offer holistic diet and wellness programmes tailored according to the ‘prakriti’ and three ‘doshas’ of the body. Thus, a personalised health holi-stay coupled with wellness is the need of the hour. Dr Suraj from The Lalit Bekal says, “We, at the resort, primarily take care of three things which are ahara, vihara and chikitsa. In ahara, we serve what we grow. In vihara, we try to burn what we have earned and in chikitsa, we try mainly to focus on regaining your vitality and improving your immunity.”

Kinds of retreats
There’s a distinct health journey for each individual-ancient ayurvedic therapies like mud baths or sensorial soothing beautifying therapies like milk bath-each has a different purpose and one needs to decide what one is looking for. A full body coffee exfoliation for the skin or a gemstones acupressure therapy for the mind, or a honey bath and Vichy shower for that sweetness in heart – each has its own unique feel.

“Since travel is on pause, guests are looking for relaxing staycations and wellness holidays. It does help that the multiplicity of lush gardens and open terraces lend a peaceful resort-like vibe to our hotel. “We are pet friendly and petcations with family are rejuvenating for all.

The luxurious treatments at our Infuse Spa make for a wellness retreat and guests love to indulge themselves with our curated wellness treatments,” says Neha Bose, director of rooms, Four Seasons Hotel, Bengaluru.Wellness Resorts offer it all; from luxe amenities to eco-forward initiatives for travellers to begin rejuvenating in as soon as they arrive. Whether one wants to simply relax in a villa or along the private island’s shores, delighting in incredible cuisine, or, indulging in an edible spa menu or plant-based seasonal healthy diet in the midst of jungles; it is your pick today on how to unwind.

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