It is impossible to say NO to sweets and mouth-watering dishes this festive season.

Are you scared to pile on the pounds? Want to avoid going out and stay at home instead? Why make excuses when you can enjoy the celebrations and not worry about the excess calories.

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So how do you make sure you stay in shape amidst all the festivities? Here are a few tips:

  • Eat in moderation: Taste the different sweets and dishes but do not over indulge. Choose smaller portion sizes. Try to avoid the second helping, okay let’s be realistic, and try to avoid the third helping.
  • Eat slowly: The food might be real-YUM but eating fast only makes you eat more. Be mindful while eating. Savor the dish and eat slowly.
  • Water your savior: Keep yourself well hydrated and drink a glass of water before the meal. This keeps you full and reduces your food intake.
  • If you know that you have a party at night then try to eat light during the day. Eating at home before you step out is also a good alternative to avoid binge eating at the party.
  • Food choices: If you do have choices in the spread then choose grilled over deep fried and fruits over fruit juices. Try to fill yourself with fruits and vegetables.
  • Party host: If you are hosting the party try to keep dry fruits instead of sweets and cook healthy meals.
  • Workout: Do not stop working out. Make some time during the day and if you cannot make it to your scheduled workout session, improvise with some home fitness.
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Last but the most important tip: DO NOT STRESS! If you did eat a little extra , so shall it be , forget about it and relax. More you stress , more likely you are to gain weight.

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Now since you know what to do, happy fun , enjoy and remember to drink responsibly !


Nikita Suresh, Nutrition Consultant | Facebook Instagram