Kylie Jenner bought her best friend a Cartier love bangle… AHEM. A Cartier stands class apart and a brand on the wish list of many but did u ever wonder why a panther is the official expression of this handsome brand.


Why a Panther??

I always used to wonder why a panther is so frequently used in Cartier jewelry & watches, entire collections are dedicated to this Animal.


So, history says in 1914 a French painter George Barbier was commissioned to create a watercolor painting, which was originally planned to be used as an invitation for a jewelry exhibit. But Louis Cartier liked it so much that he ended using it from there on end as Cartier most iconic & recognizable symbol.

The painting is called Dame à la panthère (Dam ala pohntae) depicts an elegantly dressed woman with a panther at her feet.  Big cats were in vogue in the early 20th century- the beast was seen as the ultimate expression of femininity.


Beautiful isn’t it ❤💫💫💕❤

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