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We are often quizzical about essentials one must own in their wardrobe. Either in terms of tops, dresses or pants. Trust me there is something called ‘must have in your wardrobe list’ that will make your life easy.

We have a list of essentials that will help you combat you from those ‘What to wear’ nightmares. What are they and where do you should head to shop?

Well, the list is right here and you should hit Shoppers Stop to get your hands on the latest and most amazing range of apparels.


A blue and a black pair are an essential, it will make up to your everyday saver. High waist, low waist, skinny fit, boyfriend, or rugged there are several sorts in the market.

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Pick whichever you feel most comfortable in, and they shall stay with you for a good period.

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Formal Trousers

A finely tailored pair of trousers is a real must.

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If you aren’t a boardroom glam? Yet, we suggest you on having at least one pair. You never know what life throws you across.

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It is a must-have!

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Some like to keep it as a home wear, some wear it to the gym and some even like to experiment it with their everyday casual outfits. There is a multitude of options for leggings, we suggest you to at least own the basics black, white and grey.

Party Wear

Silk pants are a very convenient option when you don’t want to pick a skirt or a dress when heading to a party.

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Hope this post answered a lot of questions regarding what you should have in your wardrobe and what you should not.

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