Merciless summers, heat waves and nowhere to hang out,unless its indoors. Mostly we all love to go to #Goa only in winters around December assuming that to be the best season, but I choose to go now too. Its undoubtedly harsh summers in India and one would wonder why Goa in this scorching heat. But, I a traveler, explorer and a travel writer say why not Goa in this season too.

Usually I love going to Goa all round the year since it has one or the other thing to offer an enthusiast any season of the year it might be. So why Goa?

Goa is lovely in summers too, and I particularly love to laze around in this season. If one wants a break free from daily monotony, then there’s nothing as interesting as being in Goa. You can do a lot of summer fun activities like parasailing, paragliding, motor biking, water biking if you are a sports lover. Although I’m not such an adventure lover and I love to be in the pool and bike around in the evenings. I love pool and biking.

So, this time we, Me n Lucky, were in Goa on the special invite of The Lalit Golf Resorts and Spa to spend a weekend there. It’s a beautiful property and we had a great time again. The amazing property of this golf resort offers all facilities along with some great spa and meditation classes with some amazing Balinese interiors that just makes one connect with oneself.

Here’s a sneak peek into how my day one looked like in Goa in THE LALIT RESORTS.

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So, our room was a lavish suit with a dining space and as I opened the back side French doors of the room, they overlooked sprawling lawns and the blue swimming pool.

I slept till late in the morning and as I woke up some lavish breakfast was served in the room with hot coffee and freshly squeezed oranges (oh howI love these li’l pleasures of holidaying).

Soon after, we went and saw the beautiful bungalow in the property where the movie #golmaal has been shot. We made sure we click few pics here too.

After lunch we took a ride on bike around the property of The Lalit and then headed to the shacks towards the seashore and I spent some time doing my digital freelancing, content and checking mails while having plenty of fluids and keeping hydrated andenjoying the sunset. The sunset hour or the #goldenhour is amazing time to do photography.

While I was up to behaving like an unsocial, digitally addicted nomad,  My co blogger, Lucky was in the sea water all noon doing some water sports.

The best thing about Goa tourism is that it’s cheap, unlike many other destinations and its westernized enough to keep your spirits high. The locals are lovely people and warm. You get some amazing food in Goa and specially at the Lalit, particularly if you are a seafood lover.

Finally, we jumped in the pool (the water baby we all are) and what’s the fun in summers if there’s no water, sun and tan, I love the bronzed-up glow the sun has imparted to my face and legs.

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Goa is lovely in all seasons and it offers great food even if you are staying with some locals. The digital age makes it slightly easy for us to work from any part of the world specially if your job is such. It is safe for women travelers and is convenient. There’s no dull moment in Goa, there are lot of party places, eat outs and home stays that serve enticing local cuisine. The expats have their regular hang outs where one could go and chill, you could spend an entire month in a place like this. This was Goa for you-for a gypsy’s heart from a nomad’s diary.

I would also be putting up the vlog on my YouTube channel soon.

Thanks to the management team of The Lalit for such an amazing retreat. Totally rejuvenated…

=Outfit Details=

Black Dress – Zara
Violet top and knitted top – Camla Spain Swim wear – Marks & Spencer

Location courtesy @the Lalit goa


Yours Truly,
Anuja Pandey