When tea becomes a ritual it takes a special place in the heart as we tend to see infinity in a single moment — to cherish the minutest details, to find beauty in nothingness and celebrate every little breath of life.Any tea enthusiast or an avid Instagrammer would know what a tea bomb is and how gorgeous and stylish an affair tea has been since the trending tea bombs after Christmas. Yes, the latest rage on social media is not the Dalgona coffees or the Christmas chocolate bombs anymore, it’s the tea bombs. Anyone who has been a lover of English classics would know what an impressive experience a tea soirée could be. Afternoon tea in delicate bone china tea sets or silverware with macaroons and freshly baked cookies and cakes along with some delicious laughter of women basking in the glory of femininity and sun have always been the most cherished affair in the old English culture.

The OTT series Bridgerton, plausibly inspired by Jane Austen’s novels, could only manage to pull through for the evening teas and ball night scenes despite the poor storyline. This is the flair of a classy affair like the afternoon high tea. And nothing could have made this more interesting than the trending tea globes, the crystal clear, colourful wondrous additions to the soirée. Chai is a way of life in India. Chai or tea is quintessentially tea with masala, ginger, cardamom something mixed in it. During the pandemic, tea was the immunity-boosting drink owing to the various ingredients or masalas used in it. A variant of adrak wali chai or saffron kahwa is a ritual I enjoy preparing. Any addition to this ritual or lifestyle known as chai is welcome. And so is a tea bomb. Tea bombs are flamboyance at their best for tea sommeliers. They are these transparent balls that just burst into hot water releasing flowery notes of aroma and…
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