I remember when I came to bangalore as a teenager how much I loved it. To an 18 year old from delhi this place meant a whiff of fresh romantic air, cherry blossoms, Bougainville, an IT city and most of all a city with great music and pubs.

So this week, I had a rocking time dancing my blues away with my gang of girls in one of the high end clubs in indranagar. What did you do this weekend? Let me know if you love the swanky pubs of bangalore and if yes then which ones are your favourites as I would love to try them out soon. I love my audiences and it’s really fun interacting with you so looking forward for more mails than I get.

Since you all have given a great response to the summer lookbook series so here’s another one for you, although Summers are almost getting over in bangalore. The breezy evenings and late nights of bangalore and the jam packed roads are a sight so integral to this city.

Hence today I bring you very sporty and casual look that I sported this weekend.

I’m wearing a tee shirt dress and it’s for all you rebellious women who love to experiment and not stick to safe zone when it comes to looking good. It’s a very comfy outfit and something that you could wear anytime of the day- boots at night to up the hot quotient. Since it’s slightly windy in bangalore so this look is suitable to this climate here. You can also wear it with some canvas shoes for a day wear as it reflects a very careless attitude. So fashion or no fashion your style statement has to be there.

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Will come soon with something interesting so stay tuned for more ♥️xoxo

=Your Truly=
Anuja Pandey 

Outfit @edhardyindia

Boots @luluandskyoffical