This weekend I had the opportunity to go for a staycation at the recently launched Taj, bangalore and what a thoroughly pampering stay it was, I must say! I reached there on Saturday afternoon and was greeted in Indian parampara with the Tilak and Aarti and some flowers. Soon after this we were escorted to our lavish Suite, the decor of which was elegant, soothing and luxurious. The room comes along with the dining space and living room and here we were greeted by a welcome message from the general manager of the hotel and some delicious chocolates and macaroons and parfait, which made it an affair to remember, not only for the kids but also equally for us. The rooms are again very well lit naturally due to the French doors which allow ample of light through the sheers. The living room had a copper vessel for soaking the feet in, and it came with the bath salts and the rose petals. It almost makes you feel like a royalty, owing to the great and warm ambience and extremely courteous hospitality by the staff.

The Taj Bangalore property is very well situated at the airport, making it ideal for anyone travelling to stay overnight, if need be. The lush greenery and the architecture of the hotel make it very well lit, thus not really needing chandeliers or too much of artificial lightning. The rooms are surrounded by pools of water and as the curtain rolls up, you see through the windows the unending stretch of sky and greens. The serene water induces a calm and rejuvenating effect. It definitely imparts a relaxed feeling since it is away from the hustle bustle of the city life.

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As soon as we freshened up, my children were treated to some Bianco pizza which they helped the chef to prepare. Trying their hands at cooking was a happy and almost adventurous moment for them. The chef kept them happily and constructively busy as I was served the Paniyaram or guliyappa with cilantro n edamame beans chutney and tomato chutney n coconut chutney. The paniyaram is a Tamil preparation which was stuffed with few veggies and is light accompaniment for tea.

Soon after this I headed for a very soothing massage, the Vishram massage which suited the time of the day (it was almost 7’o clock) and it induces great sleep due to the lovely aromas and herbs which the oil is infused with. Jiva, the spa, is a place where good energy and positive vibes are in abundance. The aroma envelopes your senses as you enter into the luxury space which specialises in a range of treatments, including wraps, body polish, scrubs and massage along with the inexhaustible range of face and hair treatments too. The hotel has a salon exclusive for the various salon treatments. The adjoining health club and fitness centre equipped with the steam, sauna and other facilities makes it an elegantly designed space. There are exclusive couple rooms with jacuzzi and shower cubicles. The swimming pool on the same floor makes for a great recluse when you probably could spend maximum time of your day. Once you step out of this space you surely feel as though you are the lotus feet and almond eyed beauty ready to conquer the world.

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You are spoilt for choice when it comes to food at The Taj. The cafe77East Offers all sort of cuisines, from Italian to South Indian, North Indian to chats to bhelpuri, the list goes on. Another restaurant is The Tamarind, which is a fine dining restaurant which specialises in authentic Awadhi, Nawabi cuisine along with authentic punjabi cuisine too. The lassis are flavoured with saffron and pistachio nuts and the menu is endless and a gastronomical extravaganza. The authentic curries, exotic spices, the customary Awadhi kebabs which melt in the mouth make it an exclusive culinary journey for food lovers. We had our dinner here and I would separately blog on the food soon. Another fine dining restaurant which serves Japanese and Chinese cuisine is one of the best Japanese I have had. I enjoyed this sumptuous meal for lunch, the next day.

The Sunday was all about pool as this provides a perfect spot for the family to get together and play and have fun. We had a perfectly relaxed weekend, lazying around, a day full of joy, revelry and fun. The taj gave me an opportunity to spend some beautiful moments with my kids and spouse which many a times go amiss amidst the everyday monotony and chaos of home and work. It’s a perfect weekend getaway for a family and thoroughly sumptuous treat with luxury in abundance. We spent a perfect weekend cooking, playing, swimming, soaking in oil and immersing in reading. Thanks to the team Taj for this lovely staycation!

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=Venue- Taj Bangalore =

Photoshoot- Vedansh Pandey