Call it sangeet, call it cocktail but all you can expect here is a lot of madness filled with fun with family and friends. All you need to know here is how to have fun….

Dressing is smart and glamorous, although not so easy to plan n execute the idea of some particular dressing that you have in mind for the event but can be easily carried by almost all you smart young guys.

First what do you think you feel comfortable in, as that’s what I ask myself the first. If I’m not comfortable I can’t make it stand out with my “attitude ka tadka

Now let me tell you a bit in detail what I’ve worn and how I’ve carried it with a why…

  • Wear a jacket (tweak it with some different collar, floral in this case), it is a blood-red velvet. Velvet is the season’s answer to texture and has been featured heavily on the Hollywood red carpet by many designers like Dolce & Gabanna and Tom Ford
  • A black colored shirt is the safest bet anytime and more so, when you wear a bright jacket
  • A bow-tie is a must for adding panache…a red or a black
  • My pants are just not another black if you see minutely you will see a self pattern in it which is again floral(it’s in)
  • A cherry red leather shoe added to the glitz to the whole outfit
  • When you think it’s time to do away with the bow-tie…here comes the scarf to throw in the poise look. Printed silk scarves go well with velvet; for the velvet deserves its share of limelight for its plush looks, the flat sheen of the silk complements its glossy look
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Add a belt and gold chain to make up for the metal-less jacket. For the rocker and dandy amongst us, we can add hues to the jacket like navy blue or the deep purple and a white shirt would compliment this look the best, as my dear friend in the pictures is wearing.

WeddingTamasha3 WeddingTamasha10 WeddingTamasha6 WeddingTamasha2 WeddingTamasha7 WeddingTamasha12 WeddingTamasha11 WeddingTamasha9 WeddingTamasha8

Bottom line is, pick a jacket color that goes with your personality. Velvet is a trend in itself and a great style canon. The rules for velvet are very few and simple: it should be slim, trim and taut so that the sharp silhouette acts as the best supporting act.

Eat rich, drink rich and dance like everyone is with you and let NO LUXURY BE SPARED… cheerio!!



[Outfit Details]
Seven- Greater Kailash, New Delhi

Styled and rocked by: Ashish Dubey